I know that times are changing....women are becoming more independent, men are becoming stay at home dads (lol). Soon we will have cellphone chips in our heads and wont need an actual device to talk on. Ok Ok, I know you get the point, but even though we are becoming even more contemporary, what ever happened to good ol TRADITIONAL DATING?

Okay, I guess I must tell you exactly where the idea for this developed. I have never really been the "dating" type. Honestly. If I wasn't in a relationship, I was "talking" to someone whom I've known for a long time, through mutual friends, or school, etc. Ive never been one to actually go out, meet random strangers, exchange numbers and agree to go on "dates" with them. Since I've moved back to Atlanta (and for the last time I hope), I have been going out occasionally and meeting new people. (which sucks) I'd much rather mr. Right just stumble upon me and take it from there lol. But it rarely happens like that. SO anyway, ... I've just come to the conclusion that MOST men just want to sleep with you (at first). And I know we can all agree on that. They really do, it's up to you as a woman what requirements you lay down and if they stick around and "wait". I know that things are usually always physical at first, because that's really all you have to go on when you first meet someone. For instance, if you meet someone at the grocery store or the gas station or at a lounge, (where ever the heck you meet him or her) you are thinking "oh he or she is very attractive" not "oh I bet they have an awesome personality, i wonder if they like to read as much as i do?". Yeah...we aren't thinking like that. So it is understandable that it's always physical in the beginning....but as far as going beyond the physical....well.

The real issue is, that I feel like most men now days feel like, 2 weeks of "getting to know someone" is enough to earn them a spot in your bed. Women work off of emotions, so that may be enough for most men, but as a woman, (and I guess I can only speak for myself), I want to feel 1. respected, 2. like you genuinely care about me 3. that you have plans for me & 4. like I'm not going to regret it tomorrow, BEFORE I allow you to be intimate with me. I must also feel comfortable. There are definitely more than just those 4, but I'm sure that we can all agree that we have to feel secure in at least some of these before we can allow ourselves to be with you sexually. I mean, unless we are just loose (and I can't speak for that kind) .

Where are the gentlemen? And are there any men who are genuinely interested in getting to know the Beauty on the inside as well?


When Life throws you Lemons...

Throw them back!! Just kidding. :-)
I guess you are supposed to make lemonade. But really now, when life throws you lemons...most of the time they are sour or rotten. Because I haven't heard of life throwing anyone perfect How are you supposed to drink sour lemonade? Sugar? So...we add something to make it sweet. Or, we just make the best of the situation. Sometimes it gets hard trying to make the best out of every sour situation that life throws us. I know. But it is also draining to meddle in the sour situations...someone once told me that sometimes we must "take the temporary discomfort for the permanent arrangement". I totally agree with this.....BUT...because there is always a but, If you are anything like me (impatient), then waiting on this so called permanent arrangement pretty much sucks. Sooo, we find our selves impatiently waiting, knowing we should exercise our patience. Wondering just what the permanent arrangement is...



Sometimes you just have to remove them from your life. Bullshitters can be random good for nothing friends, men who don't do what they say they will do, even family members (I mean, you can't really remove a family member, but you get what I'm saying). I am so through with the unnecessary bullcrap. We are definitely in control of who or what we let into our lives...therefore, we can control the rate at which we remove them and their bullshit.

It's just healthier to surround yourself with positivity.